INR 40623/- Waived Off BY SBI For Credit Card Fraud

A usual story which we are witnessing now a days, related to the credit card fraud.

One of our consumer Mr. Pradip Pandor received the SBI Credit Card, he did not use his card neither generated PIN for his credit card, that consumer never did any transaction but received a bill of INR 40623 from SBI.

Mr. Pradip was confused how the bill for Rs 40623/- was generated without even using the Credit Card.

He contacted SBI credit Card customer Care many time but did not receive any satisfactory answer from them & was required to pay the bill in full.

That the consumer felt really distressed as this was a huge amount for him & that too he never used this amount so he decided to contact Consumer Chanakya for the resolution of his case.

Team Consumer Chanakya contacted the SBI Credit Card team online and explained the matter to them in detail. A lot of followups were done by the team, our persistence bought results & big smile 🙂 for our consumer.

SBI Credit Card team waived off the entire Credit Card charges of INR 40623 for Mr. Pradip Pandor.

We appreciate and thanks SBI Credit Card team for their cooperation and Congratulate Mr. Pradid for resolution of his matter.

Consumer Chanakya

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Airtel DTH Refunded Rs 3300/- For Ms. Mamta

We received a complaint from one of the regular customer of Airtel DTH

Ms. Mamta was a regular consumer of Airtel DTH and after some time an issue arose between the consumer & Airtel DTH, thereafter Ms. Mamta requested the refund of Rs. 3300 from Airtel DTH but the opposite party was not ready for a refund. After several attempts by Ms. Mamta, to get the matter resolved with Airtel DTH all her efforts proved in vain. Customer support of Airtel DTH was not getting any resolution for the consumer.

Then the consumer connected with Consumer Chanakya and discussed her concern with one of or expert advisor.

That Consumer Chanakya took up the matter with Airtel DTH to get the remedial solution for the consumer online. And after certain level of conversations the matter got resolved by the Airtel DTH Team.

Consumer Chanakya helped Mrs.Mamta to get a refund of INR 3300.

We Congratulate Ms. Mamta & thanks Airtel DTH for resolving the matter for the consumer & bringing smile back on her face.

Consumer Chanakya

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Salary Released For Singer of Famous Music Band

That the lead singer of the Music Ocean Band used to perform in clubs and lounges in Chandigarh. He has performed in 3 unplugged shows in Elante Club.

Unfortunately the complainant decided to leave the group & then he has to chase the Music Ocean Band for his salary for 3 Months and Music Ocean Band was not ready to give his payment for which he worked. He requested them thousands of times, but no one is responding not even attending his call. We believe there was a level of misunderstanding & communication gap which only Consumer Chanakya was able to fill.

That the complainant felt distressed due to the financial losses incurred & then the complainant decided to approach Consumer Chanakya. Our team deeply studied the matter & then decided to take it with Music Ocean Band

After rigorous follow-ups, the matter was resolved for the complainant & he got his payment of Rs. 18,000/- complete salary cleared

Consumer Chanakya congratulate to the Lead Singer and thanks to Music Ocean Band for understanding & helping him.

Consumer Chanakya

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Another Success Story With Flipkart Money Refunded

We received a complaint from Dr. Prakash Verma who ordered 3 wrist BP monitors from Flipkart but he received something different from his original product.

Dr. Prakash contacted Flipkart many times for the resolution of his issue but did not get any satisfactory response from them.

Then Dr. Prakash contacted Team Consumer Chankaya for resolution of his matter.

Consumer Chankaya team took up the matter with Flipkart to get remedial solution for Dr. Prakash online.

And thanks to the cooperative and understanding team of Flipkart that the matter was resolved online and Dr. Prakash got a full refund of his order.

We sincerely thanks Flipkart for helping the consumer and Dr. Prakash for trusting us with his matter.

Consumer Chanakya

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INR 26000/- VIVO Mobile Replaced For Mr. Vineet

The  vivo service centre replaced the product of Mr. Vineet Vyas.

Mr. Vineet Vyas purchases a mobile phone of  Vivo from Vivo cell phone company for INR 26000/-. That after two months of usage, the  cell phone started giving heating issue and for the same consumer approached the vivo but unfortunately no resolution was given & he kept on visiting the service centre numerous times.

That after feeling harassed Mr Vineet approached the Consumer Chanakya team & registered his matter with us online. And then the consumer didn’t go anywhere & our professional lawyers took up the matter with the VIVO team.

That the consumer was given the replacement of his phone for absolutely free. We work for consumer delight.

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